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About Andrea

Certified RTT® Therapist (UK/USA) | Certified Hypnotherapist (UK/USA) | Mind Coach

Andrea Strunz is a Hypnotherapist, RTT® Therapist and Coach, trained by Marisa Peer and Paul McKenna, able to uncover the root reasons of your issues and remove them by using the power of your own mind.

She had years of experience being on stage performing and has published many books.

About the techniques that are used

RTT® Rapid Transformational Therapy helps the client understand where the issue they are having originated from by finding the root cause of the issue. It does this through hypnosis, NLP and other communication tools.

I’m a strong believer that you can only change what you understand.

The secret to completely healing your body and mind is to uncover the reason for the wrong beliefs that you have acquired in the past. I will help you uncover and change those beliefs so they will never affect you again.

How Does It Work?

Free No-Obligation 20-Minute Discovery Call

To establish if we are the right fit for each other, I offer a free 20-minute video conversation over Zoom. I will use this time to find out more about you and ask questions to see if I can help you. If it isn't a good fit, I will let you know and point you in the right direction. Once we have established that we will work together, I will send you a Client Intake Form and my Terms & Conditions, which you will need to sign and return with your payment before scheduling a session with me.



Hypno Session

The session will be done over the internet and will last approximately 2 hours. Should we need a little extra time, I always ask clients to block out three hours.

During the initial 20-25 minute consultation, we will review the information you have given me and clarify exactly what you want to do and how you want to be.

This will be followed by a RTT® Rapid Transformation hypnotherapy session, which includes hypnosis, a regression to find the root cause of the issue and a way to change your old beliefs into better ones.

Voice Recording

After our session, I will give you a personalized voice recording that you listen to daily for a minimum of 21-days following your RTT® hypnotherapy session. I will send this recording to you via email or WhatsApp, so that you can download the recording onto your mobile phone or computer for daily listening.

The success of your investment depends on the fact that you listen to your recording daily for at least 21 days after your RTT® hypnotherapy session. Repeated listening to your recording will allow the new, positive, and supporting beliefs to be firmly installed. Doing so will break those old unwanted habits and create new neurological pathways, rewiring the brain.

Post Session Follow-Up

The success of your investment depends on the fact that you listen to your recording daily for a minimum of 21 days following your RTT® hypnotherapy session. I will check in with you after your session to support you. After 21-days of listening to the recording, we can decide how to go on from here.







“There’s scientific evidence that your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life. Change your subconscious beliefs, and you’ll change your life.”

Andrea Strunz

Free Yourself From Sabotaging Yourself

Everytime you get a new job, a new idea, a new goal or a new relationship you do something stupid and it goes puff? Like eating cake when you want to diet or binge watching movies instead of working on your new book or song? Showing up late to an important meeting? Playing a game instead of learning for your really important test? Or you do nothing and it goes puff anyway? Because doing nothing is a form of doing something.

Are you afraid of what could happen if you would do this? Or are you afraid you can’t do it? It meaning following your goals and dreams. Are you hindering yourself? You don’t need others to do that to you, you are really good in putting obstacles in your own way?

Ask yourself what could happen if you would do what you have to do? What would happen if you would succeed in your dreams? And now, why don’t you just try? Are you not trusting yourself?

If so, let’s talk because there is a way out.


Self-sabotaging is a form of coping mechanism for dealing with stressful situations. The problem is, it usually makes things even worse. Often you have dealt with a similar situation in your past, it didn’t work out and now you don’t want to feel this pain again. It became a kind of trauma for you.

As a result you may develop really unhelpful habits like eating too much, sleeping too much, becoming an unpleasant human being or to say it bluntly a pain in the behind, self-medicating or even self-harming. All that is consciously or unconsciously destroying your future which could have been so great. And just because you don’t dare to fail, which you will now certainly do. Is failure so scary? Maybe you do stumble and fall on the way but then get up again, adjust your crown and try again. Even Rome wasn’t built in one day. It is just a lesson on your way.


A combination of modern revolutionary, solution-focused techniques including Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), NLP, Havening® and other communication-tools.

RTT® helps you travel back in time to a place and event where your self-sabotage was formed and then helps you reframe and change those wrong beliefs, so you can take action toward creating a life free from the negative effects of doing nothing. By doing so, hypnosis literally helps you “rewire your brain”, creating new neurological pathways that will support you in bringing back and solidifying the life that you want for good.


During hypnosis powerful new suggestions and new positive beliefs are installed into your subconscious mind and I will produce a personalized audio recording for you. The transformation recording will stimulate your subconscious mind each day for 21 days and help you to achieve your goal of managing your self-sabotaging and live the life you deserve as fast as you will allow it.


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Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Feel confident and in control of what you are doing.

During the sessions, you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation. You will be amazed by the experience of observing how your subconscious mind identifies the root cause of your self-sabotage. With the help of RTT®, I will help you uncover and understand the emotions, thoughts, and wrong behaviors holding you back. You will experience rewiring and reframing your negative thought patterns and outdated beliefs. This will help you finally start getting rid of the little nagging voices in your head, improving and CHANGING the way you see yourself, and start to see yourself as the confident and successful person you are. This will allow you to take action and start making progress in your life.

Certified Hypnotherapist

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Certified RTT® Hypnotherapist (UK/USA)

Certified Hypnotherapist (UK/USA)

Mind Coach

Certified RTT® Hypnotherapist (UK/USA)

Certified Hypnotherapist (UK/USA)

Mind Coach